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New Customer Form

  • Vetrinary Information

  • You must provide proof of Rabies vaccination before your pet can be groomed.
  • Grooming Information

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** Please note that you will be required to sign this form at the time of your first scheduled appointment.

Please be courteous and call to cancel if you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment!

** FOR PUPPIES OR DOGS THAT HAVE NEVER BEEN GROOMED BEFORE: We do everything in our power to not cause stress or trauma. Our preference for the first groom is to introduce the grooming process to the dog. We brush, bathe and dry the dog. We turn on the clipper, let it run on the table, and rub it against the body without a blade in it, because we don’t want to cause trauma that will make future grooming scary! We will do as much as we can the first time without stressing the dog. We may not be able to clip the body, but we will trim around the eyes as well as we can.

Payment Policy:
All grooming fees must be paid in full at the time of pickup.  We accept cash & checks & card.  Checks returned due to insufficient funds will be charged a $30 service fee. 

No Shows/Late Drop-offs:
If you can not make it to your appointment, please call BEFORE your appointment time to let us know. Due to loss of income and lost time from no shows we charge a no show fee of $25. Two no shows without a call will result in a need to prepay for your next appointment. If you are running late PLEASE CALL BEFORE your appointment time to let us know. If you are more than 15 minutes late with no call, you will be considered a no show and the no show fee will apply.

Shavedown/Matted Hair Removal:
Removing heavily matted fur includes risks of nicks, cuts or abraisions due to warts, moles or skin trapped in the mats.  Matting can also trap moisture near the skin allowing bacteria to grow causing skin irritations that exist before the grooming process.  Effects of mat removal can include itchiness, skin redness and irritation, abrasions and some cases, failure of hair to regrow as originally.  Shaved pets are also extremely sensitive to the sun and can sunburn easily.  Pets who must have their coats shaved very short should be kept out of the sun for long periods of time until their hair can regrow and provide protection from the sun.
While we will take every precaution to insure your pets safety & comfort, Grooms to Go is not responsible for any adverse reaction as a result of mat removal and/or shavedowns.

If your pet is matted your options are: 1: To brush the matted coat out at home and reschedule the grooming when the coat is mat free.  2: If the coat is in good enough condition to be dematted without being unfair to your pet we can demat it for 20$ per 1/2 hour of dematting. 3: To agree to a shavedown having read the shavedown policy.

We recommend that your pet be on some sort of flea treatment. We are not responsible for any fleas acquired.

Use of Muzzles:
Muzzling does not harm your pet and protects both your pet and the groomer. In some cases, muzzling may even calm a stressed pet, allowing the grooming process to continue. We don not muzzle unless your pet gives us reason to. Other methods are used to calm your pet, muzzling is a last resort.

Emergency Care:
Your pets comfort and safety are our first priorities.  We make every effort to ensure that your pets grooming is pleasant and safe, however, if your pet becomes ill or hurt and the services of an veterinarian are required, you hereby give The Whole Kitten Capoodle permission to obtain medical treatment for your dog if you are not available to do so and you agree to pay all veterinary expenses.

Senior Pets and Pets with Health Problems:
Grooming procedures can sometimes be stressful, especially to a senior pet or a pet with a health condition.  Grooming can expose hidden medical conditions or aggravate existing ones.  Because these pets have a greater chance of injury, they will be groomed for cleanliness and comfort, in styles that will not add to their stress.  The Whole Kitten Capoodle will not be held responsible for any injury sustained during the grooming process of an elderly or health compromised pet.

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you are unhappy for any reason, and you would like something adjusted, we will be happy to make adjustments within reason when you pick your pet up from his/her appointment or if you call within 2 days of their grooming to schedule a fixup.

This release authorizes The Whole Kitten Capoodle to take photos of your pet for client file and for company website and Facebook page. All photos taken are property of The Whole Kitten Capoodle.